Who We Are

A Progressive, Diverse, Episcopal Community

At St. Stephen's We come together from all over the greater Los Angeles area, not to retreat from the pressures and turmoil of modern life, but to follow the “comunidad de base” model of active engagement and support of one another as a “priesthood of all believers.”

St. Stephen's is unique in that it is not a church where the congregation is called simply to sing and to listen. It is a community that will encourage and inspire you to engage.

Reverend Canon Jaime Edwards-Acton has been the rector at St. Stephen's for over a decade and has helped to build the parish into a vibrant and thriving ministry in Hollywood. More comfortable in jeans and Doc Martens (which you can just see underneath his robes) than dress slacks and loafers, Rev. Jaime approaches the lectionary as an opportunity to share insight and to begin a conversation. After each sermon, parishioners at St. Stephen's are welcome and encouraged to respond and to introduce interpretations of their own creating a vibrant and multi-faceted spiritual interaction each and every week. At St. Stephen's we are walking together and learning how to live out our faith as a community

Our mission, our very reason for being, is to help one another understand, activate, and proclaim this message: that the good news actively and passionately embodied by Jesus is that God loves us — no matter what!

We do not confine our faith to the walls of a church building or the time of Sunday liturgy, nor do we believe that effective faith is purely private affair. Thus, we are always exploring ancient and new ways to worship together, celebrate and negotiate difference together, work together, eat together, and play together (see our Ministries and Life Together links)! As one might guess, this is not a place to come and hide but an enthusiastically welcoming place.

Following each service, English and Spanish, is a time for sharing food, drink, and continued conversation outside of "the church" and in “the house”. This is also a time for continued spiritual formation around various themes and topics in small-group study.

Church Leadership

Our Ministries

Building Community Inside and Out

From The Rock Youth to the Hope Community Garden, St. Stephen's offers a number of ministries to spur creativity, encourage healthy living, and inspire spiritual reflection within the parish and the community.

Our History

Hope in Hollywood Since 1904

St. Stephen's has been a fixture in Hollywood for over a century. Since 1904, it has established and upheld a tradition of hospitality and support for the Hollywood community and for Los Angeles - an intentional, creative, active, and inclusive space for discovering God and discussing what matters in a city more commonly associated with stars than with service.

6125 Carlos Ave. Los Angeles 90028

(323) 469-3993